How To View Full Size Insta DP With Instander APK?

As you might already know that Instagram doesn’t show the full profile pictures of people. Hence, it becomes difficult to identify someone with a private account or zero posts. Many people use third-party apps where you’ve to manually type in the username or copy a profile link to have a close look at a DP.

Did you know Instander APK which is a modified version of the original Insta can show an enhanced high-quality profile of any person? Here you can view full-size Insta DP with a single tap, there is also an option to save it locally to your device.

Let me show you a step-by-step guide(with screenshots) to do the same.

How To View/Download Full-Size Instagram Profile Picture Using Instander?

Step #1. Download the Instander APK file from the homepage.

Step #2. Uninstall the original Instagram app or download the Clone version of Instander.

Step #3. Next up, launch the Instander app and log in like you’d on the original Instagram.

Step #4. Finally, go to the Profile section to view the full-size Insta Dp of your friend.

View full size insta dp

Step #5. Long press on the profile picture to see or download a full-size HD image.

Instander APK


Almost all third-party DP Viewer tools for Instagram have tons of ads and don’t offer a smooth experience. Instander APK has these hacks built-in which come very handy while casually browsing Instagram. It has a plethora of other hacks that we have discussed in the tutorials below.

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