Instander v15.4

  • Due to the blocking restrictions of some payment systems, they were removed from the list of donations.

Instander v15.3

  • Fixed random crash on Samsung with One UI 4;
  • Fixed crash Mark as read on some phones;
  • Rebuild applications using the latest tools.

Instander v15.2

  • Forcing the snow off for those who upgraded from XE version;
  • Fix of random application crash on some phones.;

Instander v15.1

  • Added IGTV download item;
  • Added Mark as Read;
  • Added quick turn on “Don’t mark Direct as read” (long-press direct button);
  • Added turn off auto-flipping stories;
  • Added backups of Instander settings;
  • Added Instander menu (download, preview, direct link to post);
  • Fixed avatar zoom;
  • Fixed account type change;
  • Ads switch fixed.

Instander v15.0

  • Rebase to Instagram;
  • Added Link sticker;
  • Added Add your sticker;
  • “Video scrubber” is forced on;
  • Remove “Video scrubber” option;
  • Temporarily not added “Mark as read” indirect
  • Temporarily not added download IGTV
  • Attention ads in “Old posts” is present

Instander v14.1

  • Fixed action buttons with comments
  • Fixed application crash due to notifications
  • Fixed application crash
  • Fixed crash on entering Direct
  • Fixed when switching to the first photo in the profile
  • Fixed pin icon in comments
  • Disabled saving photos in webp
  • Disabled photo uploading to webp

Instander v14.0

  • Rebase to Instagram;
  • Added animation splash screen for Android 12;
  • Added menu with Instander Team;
  • Fixed the display of ads;
  • Fixed errors in subscription and likes;
  • Fixed adding Reels and IGTV to your Stories;
  • Fixed Photos in max quality;
  • Fixed action buttons in comments;
  • Fixed Download button in your Stories;

Instander v13.1

  • Rebase to Instagram;
  • Added “Video scrubber” in settings;
  • Added PayPal to Donation Menu;
  • Added Tinkoff to Donation Menu;
  • Remade of copying and translation of comments (Misс/Additional menu for comment);
  • Improve quality in Stories Camera;
  • Removed Unmutual followers (Due to changes in Instagram API no longer works);
  • Optimizations Instander code;
  • Fixed many crashes;
  • Fixed watching live broadcasts;
  • Increased number of characters to copy up to 5000.

Instander v12.1

  • Fixed downloading media on some devices;
  • Changed the default download path to /Pictures/Instander;
  • Added Ethereum to donate;
  • Added OTA changelog on Russian (Available from Instander 12.1 and higher).

Instander v12.0

  • Rebase to Instagram;
  • Remade Improve Photo quality
  • Added Download IGTV;
  • Added Social Networks Menu (Official page Instander on Telegram, Instagram, and Subreddit);
  • Removed Splunk MINT Crashlytics;
  • Fixed last font: ad, ag, ah &, etc symbols;
  • Fixed non-coloring when changing the theme or on a global black theme (MIUI, FlymeOS, and similar)
  • Fixed Threads on profile;
  • Fixed application crash when trying to complain.

Instander v11.0

  • Re-added “Unmutual Followers”;
  • Fixed Modern font (Cyrillic: Д, Л, Ё);
  • Remade StoryQuality;
  • Remade IGTVQuality;
  • Disabled information about Covid-19;
  • Removed the info button in “Unmutual Followers”;
  • Added small easter egg;
  • Many fixes and optimizations.