Instander APK Download v17.2 (Official)

Instander APK is a modded version of the official Instagram that has tons of amazing features and MODs for Downloading Reels, Posts, Stories, Privacy tweaking, Verification, Backups, and many more.

So in this article, we’re going to talk about the app and all of its features in detail. I’ll also explain to you the full procedure for installing, using and updating this app on your Android smartphone. Let’s get going.

Instander APK

What is Instander APK?

Instander APK is a modified version of the official Instagram App developed by Dmitry Gavrilov. The app provides a ton of extra functionalities in addition to default Instagram features. You can see full-size profile photos and download Reels, Stories, IGTV, and other media with just a click in HD quality.

The latest version of Instander comes with a lot of privacy enhancement features like Ghost Mode, ADs and analytical data restriction, etc. This makes a perfect app for anyone looking forward to getting more control over Instagram. The app is famous among people for its quality enhancement abilities too. With Instander you can view the media in the originally uploaded quality rather than in a compressed form.

One of the best parts about Instander MOD APK is the OTA updates. Unlike the other MODs, this app gets you the latest version right inside your app. Besides this, you can have more control over your feed such as restricting the content or suggestions.

In a nutshell, Instander APK is a powerful alternative that combines utility and privacy-friendly options to take your Instagram experience to another level Additionally, it supports Gestures and Backup Settings so you don’t have to start over in case you reinstall the app. We’ll look into the details of each feature in the later section of this article. For now, let’s dive into the APK file information.

APK File Information

NameInstander APK
Size46.1 MB
Developed ByDmitry Gavrilov
Required Android Version5.0 or above
Release Date24/05/20
Last Updated21/01/23

Instander APK Features



This option is available for Reels, Stories, Posts, and all the other media within the Instagram app. It is integrated right within the menu (3 dots) of any media. Moreover, for the Posts, the download option appears right near the Bookmark icon.

You can also Split the media by Username and store the Posts, Reels, IGTV, etc in a directory of your choice. Instander also allows you to turn the download notifications ON or OFF.


This is a vital and useful feature of this app. You can disable ADs and stop sending analytics data, or any other logs to the Instagram server.

Ghose Mode Feature

Ghost Mode

Instander App’s Ghost Mode provides a set of fabulous functionalities that people die for and are much needed.

You get the following features in Ghost Mode:

1) Don’t mark Direct as read – It doesn’t mark the direct message you receive from others as “Seen”.

2) Disable typing status – This feature hides the “Typing” status hence the other person won’t know if you’re about to send a message.

3) Don’t mark Stories as seen – As the title says, you can see the stories of other people without letting them know.

4) Anonymous live view – You can participate in a live session hosted by the person you’re following without appearing in the watching list.

Quality Improvements

By default, Instagram compresses the media that is shown. But Instander APK can easily show you the highest available/original quality Reels, Stories, Posts, and IGTV with quality improvement features.

Instander Gestures


It helps you to perform different actions to ease your Instagram usage You can long press to Zoom a photo, have a Video Scrubber to peek through different video frames, and a lot more.

Feed & Stories

Instander App is all about customization and control. With this set of features, you can toggle ON and OFF the following things specifically for Feed and Stories:

1) Auto-play videos: Stop or start playing videos automatically on your feed.

2) Hide liked posts: Has it ever happened to you that the same posts that you’ve already seen and liked appear again in your feed? You can filter those out with this functionality.

3) Suggested Friends: You can turn the friend suggestions ON or OFF.

4) Disable Story Flipping: With Instander App you can control whether someone can reshare your stories or not.

Verification Feature


With this feature, you can get verified on Instander. Though it is not the official verification for Instagram you can flex to your Instander community.

Instander OTA Updates

OTA Updates

It allows you to receive the latest updated version of Instander APK right on your app without wandering around different sites.

Backup Settings

Backup Settings

It is used for backing up your Instander APK MOD settings so that you restore them later.

Instander APK Download (Latest Version) 2023

Get the latest version of the APK from the link mentioned below. The app is not available on Google Play Store because it is against the policies. But don’t worry we update this site with the latest version of this app released by the developer.

So make sure to subscribe to notifications for new app updates or keep visiting the site regularly. Also, there are two different versions of this app called a clone APK and an unClone APK so go through the difference section before downloading.

What exactly are Instander APK Clone and Unclone versions?

Please see the difference in the below table:

unClone APK/OriginalClone APK
The unClone APK replaces the Instagram app. Hence, you need to uninstall the official Instagram app to use Instander. This Clone APK doesn’t replace the Instagram app. Hence, you don’t need to uninstall the official Instagram app.
This version doesn’t appear separately in the app launcher menu. It appears separately in the app launcher menu.
The package name: and the icon are the same as the Instagram App. The package name: and the icon are different than the Instagram app.

What’s New In Instander 17.2?

  • Fixed crashes and ANRs(Applications not responding) on Samsung with One UI 4;
  • Fixed app crash on the “Mark as read” option on some phones;
  • Rebuilt the app using the latest tools and updated the dependencies.

How To Install Instander APK?

Here are the steps you need to follow to install Instander on your Android device.

Step #1. Download and install the latest version of the APK file by clicking the button in the download section.

Step #2: (Only for unClone users, Clone users skip to Step #3) Uninstall the official Instagram App.

Step #3 Go to your phone’s File Manager App > Download Folder and tap on the APK file to install it normally.

Instander APK Download

Step #4. The system may ask you to allow installation from third-party app sources, click ALLOW.

Instander APK
Instander APK

Step #5. For unClone users, the default Instander app will appear as Instagram in the app menu while Clone users will see a separate icon.


How To Use Instander APK on Android?

Using the app is quite simple, you can easily find some cool new features by exploring around. However, I’d show you a few must-to-do things after the installation.

Step #1. Launch the app and log in with your Instagram credentials on the very first screen.

Step #2. Allow the permissions if asked.

Step #3. Explore Reels, Stories, and Posts from friends and creators. You’ll see the download option in each category of media as shown in the below images.

  • Click on the download arrow to save the posts to your phone.
  • For Stories click on the 3 dots and tap the Download button.
Instander APK Download
  • Similarly, for Reels click on 3 dots > Download button

Step #4. Now go to your Profile > tap on 3 lines (Hamburger) > Instander MOD APK Settings.

Instander Features

Step #5. Here you’ll find all the unique add-ons that the app provides. (Refer to the Features Section above to know more)

How To Download & Install Instander APK On Windows PC?

Step #1. Download and install the latest version of NOX Player For Windows.

Step #2. Once the download is complete open noxplayer.exe and follows the on-screen installation process.

Step #3. The installation will take around 2-5 minutes.

Step #4. Now Download the Instander Latest APK from the download section above.

Instander APK For Windows

Step #5. Open Nox Player and press CTRL + S and select the instander.apk you have downloaded.

Select Instander APK for windows installation
Instander APK on Windows PC

Step #6. Now the App will be installed and you can enjoy all its features on windows.

Frequently Asked Questions On Instander APK

Is Instander APK safe?

Yes, the app is virus-free and completely safe to use

Is it safe to log in to Instander APK?

Yes, It is completely safe to log in to Instander with your Instagram.


Instander is one of the prominent Instagram MODs available on the Internet. There are other apps that offer similar features but they aren’t as reliable as this in the day-to-day experience. Moreover, the Instander APK has a much better integration of MOD features which gives a native-like experience. It supports almost all Android versions and has a magnificent crash-free rate. Hence, the user experience and stability of this MOD are up to the mark.

What do you think about this app? Comment your thoughts in the section below. Also, make sure to subscribe to the notifications for daily updates from our website.

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